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Affligem Triple

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Origin: Belgium
Primary Varietal: Belgian Strong Dark
The crown jewel of the abbey ale. Awarded the Gold Medal in the 2004 World Beer Cup. Founded in 1074 by Benedictine monks, Affligem is a high quality, well-balanced genuine Belgian abbey beer. Affligem takes its name from the abbey in which it originally was brewed. Affligem is the oldest abbey in Flanders. Benedictine monks live according to the rules of St. Benedict, which meant that the monks had to be completely self-sustaining within the abbey walls. So in addition to brewing beer, the monks also farmed and harvested their own dairy products. Artifacts indicate the abbey was brewing beer for pilgrims as early as 1129. Eight centuries later, a Friar, by the name of Tobias, married the traditional Affligem recipe with modern techniques. He called the result "Formula Antiqua Renovata".

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