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Arcadia Ales Cheap Date Session Ale 6pk

/PK 06
Quantity Available: 0, OUT OF STOCK
Origin: Michigan
Primary Varietal: Ale
If you’re looking for uncomplicated fun, look no further, you’ve got a Cheap Date. Whether you’re relaxing shore-side, hitting the competitive lawn game circuit, or just enjoying the seasons and all their splendor, there’s never a bad time for our refreshingly hoppy session ale. Keep it casual and just enjoy the moment with this standby of high drinkability. Pairs well with grilling out, hanging out, and being out – all the “out”s. Cheap Date is a pale gold ale with a fine white head and a gorgeous aroma mirrored by its flavor, overloaded with tropical Citra hops, citrusy Simcoe hops, and the perfect malty balance.

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