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  • Louis Dawson
    I should have bought more than a 4 pack! This is outstanding! I can't say enough about it. The Apricot is there but not overpowering, the sourness is a mild tart that plays perfectly with the fruit/yeast pairing. I will def be buying more from this brewery this summer!!! (Posted on 3/20/17)
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Funkwerks Apricot Provincial Sour Ale 4pk

/PK 04
Quantity Available: 0, OUT OF STOCK
Origin: Colorado
Primary Varietal: American Sour
Provincial is our sessionable Belgian-style sour ale brewed utilizing a unique 24-hour warm souring technique using lactobacillus in the wort. We fermented with a Belgian wheat yeast strain famous for fruity flavors and a dry finish, making it the perfect complement to fruit. This delightfully tart fruit beer is refreshing, with a citrusy apricot aroma that transitions into a subtly sweet and tart finish. Notes of lemon zest and apricots. Pairs well with pretending to go to the gym.

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