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Bib & Tucker 6 Year Bourbon

/ML 750
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Origin: Kentucky
Primary Varietal: Whisky - Bourbon
The Bib & Tucker opens with a bold, yet harmonious, aromatic blend of vanilla, sweet fresh-cut grass, freshly moistened stones and aged leatherbound books. In the mouth it begins with a hint of sweetness before evolving into a warm, lightly-crisp, spicy experience that culminates with a lingering, multi-dimensional chestnut taste.
The Bib & Tucker is inspired by the rough and tumble early days in America, when the term "bib & tucker" was used to describe one's finest attire. A double distillation process is implemented followed by aging in No. 1 charred American White Oak barrels for a minimum of six years and then expert blending to acquire the aroma, taste and finish of a complex, yet balanced, top-shelf bourbon whiskey.

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