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Boulevard Chocolate Raspberry Ale 750ml

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Origin: Missouri
Primary Varietal: Ale
Never content to rest on past achievements and recipes, we first entertained the idea of refreshing Chocolate Ale and bringing Christopher back into the brewery to renew the collaboration near the end of the summer. Inspired by Elbow’s creations, we sought to introduce a spin on Chocolate Ale. We talked about, tested, and tasted several modifications before deciding on raspberry. We quickly fell in love with the way the tartness of the raspberry served to balance the rich flavors and aromas imparted by cacao nibs sourced from the Dominican Republic. With a pinkish hue, Chocolate Ale with Raspberry leaps out of the glass with a juicy aroma that gives way to rich chocolate notes. A pleasant, crisp acidity imparted by the raspberry keeps the beer from lingering too heavily on the palate as flavors of fruit interact with smooth, round notes of dark chocolate.

At 9.1 ABV and 24 IBUs, Chocolate Ale with Raspberry is, in the words of Christopher Elbow, “best paired with a glass.” Elbow adds that the beer would be a great match with a chocolate bar with a high percentage of dark chocolate and minimal sweetness.

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