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Brau Brothers Cherry Bean Coffee Stout

/PK 06
Quantity Available: 0, OUT OF STOCK
Origin: Minnesota
Primary Varietal: Stout
We at Brau Bros are very fortunate to have the opportunity to team up with a small town coffee roaster who takes coffee as seriously as we take beer. The folks at Cherry Bean Coffee Co., like us, make extremely small batches with great care and attention to detail. We've worked closely to select and roast a unique blend of beans for this ale.

An eclectic ingredient list features a variety of fermentables. Roasted barley, with coffee and chocolate malt is showcased. However, a sizeable amount of wheat helps with body and head retention. Dark candi sugar, confected at the brewery, is employed late in the boil to build complexity and is reminiscent of dark chocolate and ripe plum.

Finally, multiple roasts of Cherry Bean's organic, fair trade coffee are added to the ale. Partially during the brewing process, in an effort to claim nuance and character only achieved with the heat of the brewing process, and partially towards the end of fermentation, to capture aromatics as well as classic coffee flavor without extensive bitterness. Melding roasted coffee and roasted barley, we hope to bring out the best in each, creating a unique and tasty brew!

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