From our students

“Thank you for the classes. They have been a highlight for me during the pandemic!” —Kimberly

“I appreciated how you discussed each [French] region’s iconic wines, but then we tasted your more affordable “insider tip” wines. I usually avoid shopping French wines because I think a quality wine will be too expensive for my budget. … The class was definitely a highlight in a time where there are very few opportunities for fun and community.” —Jennifer

“Fantastic class – many thanks! We really enjoyed everything about the class, wine, & cheese – so much so, we are signing up for [an] upcoming class & planning on others in the future. We’re also letting our friends know about the classes & our thoughts.” —Scott & Tara

“The class instructor made the subject matter approachable, regardless of how we came into the class. Your knowledge of everything from the science behind the ingredients to random, somewhat-related questions was pretty incredible. This was the second virtual class I’ve participated in, and will definitely be attending more in the future. I also attended a couple classes in-person pre-pandemic, and we can’t wait for the world to be opened up again so we can join you in the store.” —Robert

Spring and Summer Virtual Classes

We’re excited to introduce our spring and summer virtual class series! Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the ‘Register Now’ button below each class description to be brought to the class webpage. Purchase 1 Zoom link registration for up to 4 viewers. If there are more than 4 in your party, kindly purchase more link registrations.
  2. 2 weeks before the class, you’ll get an email with the chance to purchase the products that go along with the class. You can purchase the entire tasting kit (highly recommended), or do it a la carte style and purchase single items. Don’t forget to include a cheese plate (gluten free/nut free/vegetarian can be accommodated)!
  3. 1 week before the class, you’ll get another email with details about when you can pick up your tasting kit items, how to log into the Zoom meeting room, and anything else you’ll need to enjoy the class.

Wine 101: A Beginner's Guide

REGISTRATION CLOSED June 18, 6:30pm | from $14.99 | The perfect class for the new (or seasoned!) wine enthusiast. Join Karina & TK to learn about all the important basics for appreciating wine—from learning how to read a wine label, to what kind of glasses to use, to how to store your wine, to food pairing basics, to tips on how to taste like a pro. *This class will be co-presented in ASL.

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Wine & War

June 24, 6:30pm | from $14.99 | One of the things we love most about wine is that you can view it through any lens you want to: geography, business, farming, culture, geology, history… the list goes on. In this class, Josh will explore how wine has been influenced by (and also helped influence) wars, conflicts, and the path of human history.

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Welcome back! We’re excited to begin offering in-person classes and events again in our France 44 Classroom. Peruse our current offerings below, and keep checking back for more additions!



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Peaks & Valleys: The Wines of Chile

July 7th, 6:00pm | $50 | There aren’t many places in the world where you can find grapes grown in the desert, mountains, AND on the coast. Join Karina to discover the history, styles, trends, and the mind-blowing geography of this beautiful country’s wine!

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Introduction to Sake

July 13th, 6:00pm | $50 | We welcome Chris Foster from Libation Project, who will guide you through the basics of sake production, the various terms used, and styles made, differences between the prefectures and how different water sources contribute to the sake’s character, and much more.

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July Mozzarella Making!

WAIT LIST ONLY | July 14, 6:00pm | $50 | Learn to pull your own mozzarella curd! We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of turning curd into the perfect balls of fresh mozzarella. Your tomatoes are going to be very happy!

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Painting + Wine: Rosé Gamay & Gouache

July 21, 6:00pm | $60 | Join us at the beautiful Bakken Museum near Bde Mka Ska for an evening of plein air painting with our talented wine and cheese specialist Teaghan! This is a one-of-a-kind experience, where you’ll get to try your hand at gouache painting while also learning about the delicious wines you’ll be tasting.

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Cocktails + Dessert Pairing Class

July 29th, 6:00pm | $50 | The basics of wine and food pairing are always a little murky when it comes to desserts. Learn how to end your evening with an exclamation point with this creative pairing class, taught by wine specialist Sam and our talented baker Emily!

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Riesling Party: Keep On Trocken

August 5th, 6:00pm | $50 | German Riesling is your BFF and you don’t even know it. Join Amy for a summer evening of Riesling Revelry, and find out why she’s so friggen crazy about it.

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Get Spritzed!

August 11th, 6:00pm | $50 | This simple-yet-irresistible drink has become equally at-home in both college dives and high-end cocktail bars. Join Sam for a hands-on dive into the Spritz, from its origins as a soldier’s drink to its modern-day incarnation, along with a smorgasbord of Spritz-y relatives along the way.

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August Mozzarella Making!

WAIT LIST ONLY | August 18th, 6:00pm | $50 | Learn to pull your own mozzarella curd! We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of turning curd into the perfect balls of fresh mozzarella. Your tomatoes are going to be very happy!

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Homemade Vermouth: A Step-By-Step Guide

August 19th, 6:00pm | $50 | We bet you didn’t know you could make vermouth yourself! We’ll go into the history behind vermouth and learn the classic components and steps for batching your own aromatized, fortified wine – we’ll supply the ingredients, and you’ll leave with a small batch of a hand-crafted vermouth of your own.

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