BOOK CLUB /ˈbo͝ok ˌkləb/ a group of people who meet regularly to discuss books* that all the members have read*

*You read books at book club?
Welcome to France 44’s version of Book Club, where we meet up weekly via Zoom to do what everyone really does at book club: drink wine.

Book Club is a 4-week long series that will focus on a specific wine theme, led by one of our wine staff. Each week you’ll pick up your bottle of wine (and a cheese pairing, if you want to get fancy) from France 44 and log onto Zoom for a casual half-hour discussion about what’s in your glass. It’s less stuffy than a formal class, but more informative than your normal happy hour.

You get to ask a bona fide wine professional all the wine questions you’ve ever had. You get to discuss your likes, dislikes, and fascinations with a new group of best wine friends every week. And if you’re actually set on reading something (it is Book Club, we know), we’ll include some nerdy notes to go along with your weekly bottle.


> What kind of wine can I expect from this?  We’re glad you asked! The only genre in this Book Club is Adventure. The bottles we’re diving into are not your normal Tuesday nighters. We choose wines that have unique stories, fascinating flavors, and can facilitate good conversation. Examples include natural wines, women or BIPOC winemakers, skin contact (“orange”) wines, Alpine wines… you never know what your Book Club leader will come up with.

> How much does all this cost?  Each month costs $124.99 per household. You can split each bottle between several people, or you can keep it all to yourself! Each weekly Book Club package will include:

        • One bottle of wine (four per month)
        • A Zoom link to the session
        • Access to the recorded Zoom session after the live class is done
        • A page of insanely interesting info about the wine.

>> The Breakdown: These bottles are small-production, high-quality wines that average $30 on the shelf. A small portion of the monthly package goes toward printed materials, and the rest helps pay for the time and effort of your Book Club leader. All in all, it’s a fantastic value for a unique experience with some pretty delicious libations.

> Is there cheese involved?  We couldn’t rightly call this a Book Club without cheese, but we accept that not everyone loves cheese as much as we do. You’ll be able to purchase a gorgeous cheese plate as an add-on before you check out.

> Can I just sign up for one of the weeks instead of the entire month?  Book Club is about the journey. We want you to get the full experience of all four wines and how they connect to each other, so a four-week adventure is the only way to go. It’s worth it!

> When do I pick up my wines?  Each Monday you’ll get a Book Club email with pickup details for that week. If you choose to get a cheese plate, those will only be available for pick up the day of the class. (We’ve gotta keep that cheese fresh!)

> What if I can’t make one of the Zoom sessions?  No fear! We record all our sessions, so you’re able to watch it whenever works best for you.

> Yeah, but are the Book Club leaders cool?  If “cool” means overly excited about fermented grapes, then yeah—they’re cool. If “cool” means being able to tell hilarious jokes and bust out sick dance moves, then that’s a big fat no.

Are you sure there’s no book?  We’re sure.

Sign me up for Book Club!