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Connemara Peated Single Malt

/ML 750
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Origin: Ireland
Primary Varietal: Whisky - Irish
  • 92
There was a time when there were only two distilleries in Ireland; they were, for a while, owned by the same company. Then this small distillery opens up, staunchly independent, and starts doing things unheard of in Ireland. Instead of making traditional Irish whiskey (triple-distilled, non-smoky, and with a pot still whiskey component), they started making very scotch-like whiskey (double distilled, single malt, and sometimes very smoky). Nearly twenty years later, they’re still making Irish whiskey, and they’re still doing it their way

A relatively lightly peated malt which does not have the iodine medicinal flavours associated with peated malts. This level of peating combined with careful distillation has produced a malt which retains the sweetness of non-peated malt while still reflecting the peat in a dry finish. A superb combination, which is ultimately very satisfying."

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