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Crater Lake Gin


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/ML 750
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Origin: Oregon
Primary Varietal: Gin
Crater Lake Gin is made in a style of spirit making that hearkens back to the earliest method of juniper spirits. Rather than re-distillation after macerating botanicals in neutral, utilizing a vapor basket or any combination of distillation techniques, Crater Lake take their high-proof, high quality neutral grain spirit and infuse juniper berries handpicked from trees growing wild in the Central Oregon high desert and add pure Cascade Mountain water to bring down to a hearty 95 proof. The aromas begin and end at fresh, wild juniper supported with excellent background scents of oleander, honeycomb, pine, white pepper and lemon zest. The palate entry is dry with a medium body that scrumptiously displays the scents as flavors fading to show fruity, bok choy and sweet corn. The finish displays bamboo, spice, honey and pepper

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