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  • cathy dostal
    Shared a bottle of Viking Blod with some friends. We had seen a review of the mead over a year ago. Took me some time to track down a bottle. We were all a bit skeptical, no one knew what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised. This is a beverage to sip, enjoy and feel that you are honoring your Nordic ancestors. Skol. (Posted on 2/2/15)
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Dansk Viking Blod Honey Wine Hibiscus and Hops

/ML 750
Quantity Available: 24
Origin: Denmark
Primary Varietal: Mead
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This artisan metheglin style Danish mead has hibiscus, which gives its soft, citrus-like flavor and very floral aroma. Its finish is hoppy-dry, spicy, and very warming. Mead is probably the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world. From Europe to Australia mead has been a popular drink, dating back to long before Viking Times. One of the earliest references to mead can be found in the Hindu's of India's holy books, the Veda books, which date back 4000 years and possibly even earlier than that. The oldest known recipe for mead to be written down in the Nordic countries was in 1520 by the Archbishop Olaus Magnus. The recipe comprised of water, honey, hops and brewers yeast, and concludes, that "on the eight day - or earlier in emergencies - the mead may be drunk, but the longer it is left, the purer, better and healthier it will be. This mead is brewed based on a recipe from about year 1700, and the ingredients are pure and 100 percent natural - guaranteed free from additives of any kind. Honey is the major and most important item in the recipe.

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