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Deaths Door White Whiskey


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/ML 750
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Part of the sustainable food movement in Wisconsin, sourcing all the materials from a small network of local farmers, Death's Door is all about thinking locally. Located on Washington Island, a small island to the north in the lakes, this distillery (converted from an old hotel) is not only about using sustainable and locally grown grains for making spirits, its about making delicious spirits as well. This little guy spends a whole 72 hours in barrel (in order to legally call it whisky) and was only bottled because a supplier offered to buy 50 cases if he would bottle it. It is softer than one would expect and has some great subtle fruit flavors as well. The barrels are made from Minnesota oak and the whisky is composed of 80% wheat and 20% barley. It has become a sort of sensation in bars as mixologists are making "White Manhattans" and "White Sazeracs."

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