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Domaine Dupont Calvados Fine Reserve

/ML 750
Quantity Available: 3
Origin: France
Primary Varietal: Brandy
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The apples for Domaine Dupont Calvados are mixed, crushed and pressed. The apple juice is fermented right out to give cider to be distilled. Double distillation is carried out 6 months after the fermentation has taken place. The first distillation gives the "petite eau" at 30% by volume and it is the second distillation, that of the "petite eau" which gives the Calvados. Domaine Dupont Calvados is aged for two years minimum in toasted oak barrels, 50% of which are new. The nose is fine, complex and very intense with aromas of apple, pear, vanilla and citrus with earthy hints.
The mouth is both round and fresh. It shows fruity aromas of vanilla and dried fruits. Overall, a well integrated spirit with good intensity.

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