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Georgia Moon Corn Whisky


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/ML 750
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Origin: Kentucky
Primary Varietal: Whisky - White
Shine On Georgia Moon is no subtler to the nose than its bottling is to the eye. Before even getting to the nose however, one must struggle to pour the whiskey out of the mason jar itself – not an easy task to complete neatly. Once in the glass, SOGM definitely smells like whiskey, but very green whiskey. The dominant scent is (naturally) corn, but it really smells like the mash itself, unaged, unmellowed.

On the palate, Shine On Georgia Moon is equally young. It moves quickly through its seasons: starting with a burst of corn, dropping into the sensation of boiled mash, then disappearing as quickly as it came leaving only a slight remembrance in the clean finish that something had passed this way.

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