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Glenmorangie Astar

/ML 750
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Origin: Scotland - Highland
Primary Varietal: Whisky - Scotch Malt
The gentle aroma of lemon blossom melds with warm, clear honey. A waft of soft pine resin, released by the heat of the sun, carries the tang of sea-salt beyond. The taste is of sweetness and warmth of honey drizzled over the tongue, with the creamy texture and flavor of crème brulee feels light on the tongue. A fresh, fruity burst of pineapple is softened by apricots and poached pears smothered in crème anglaise. The richness of buttery fudge emerges with a dense, oily flavor of hazelnuts. Spices warm the tongue-cinnamon and nutmeg-balanced by the sweetness of a crisp nectarine. The finish is lingerine with honeyed sweetness, with the impression of sugar-sprinkled almond biscuits, creamy coconut ice and the faintest trace of aniseed.

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