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Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van de Keizer Rood 2013


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Origin: Belgium
Primary Varietal: Belgian Strong Dark
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 'Cuvee van de Keizer Blauw', the brewery launched a blond-version: Cuvee van de Keizer Rood. This beer is similar to the previous Gouden Carolus Easter Beer, a blond rich beer that is brewed each year during the easter period. It contains several types of malt and during brewing 3 herbs are added. It's golden blond color, it's high alcohol concentration of 10%, it's full and balanced taste make this beer into a source of vitality and strength which will appeal to the demanding beer taster. For ideal tasting pour out gently in one pull to a temperature round 7-8 degrees Celsius. This pleasant golden blond beer is chosen for the one who loves a richer, somewhat spicy and refreshing beer.

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