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Hacker-pschorr Weiss Dark Bottles

/PK 06
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Origin: Germany
Primary Varietal: Wheat/Hefeweizen
In old Munich tradition, the Dunkel (dark) style of Weisse beer is produced with 60% dark- and light-colored malted wheat and 40% dark- and light-colored malted barley. This provides the beer with a deeper amber color than regular Weisse beers and a more robust and fuller flavor.

Hacker Pschorr Weisse Dark is a centuries-old German wheat beer from Bavaria that offers a refreshing taste that is apres anything. Wheat beer was originated in the German state of Bavaria in the 15th century. In Germany, it is typically called Weisse beer meaning white or Weizen meaning wheat. It pours a cloudy amber/bronze color with a mountainous head that becomes creamier as it settles. Tastes: banana/clove, smoky malt, roasted grains, and a touch of light chocolate.

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