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Henry DuYore's Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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/ML 750
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Origin: Oregon
Primary Varietal: Whisky - Bourbon
Henry Du Yore's Bourbon is an ultra premium American Whiskey that fits within the boundaries of the Bourbon category: a mash bill of greater than 51% corn and an aging program of at least two years in new Bourbon barrels, but with a greater than usual influence from rye and a liberal amount of barley to give greater viscosity and weight to the palate. Longer aging and a unique finishing program utilizing French oak barrels lend additional complexity to this whiskey.

We feel that this distinctive blend yields a whiskey that is somewhere between Bourbon, Rye and an unpeated Single Malt. Henry du Yore's Straight Bourbon is a whiskey that at once embodies and expands the great American whiskey category. We are proud to offer it as a fitting tribute to the old moonshiner Henry du Yore.

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