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Hirsch Small Batch Reserve 750ml

/ML 750
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Origin: Kentucky
Primary Varietal: Whisky - Bourbon
Pretty medium amber color; superb purity. Opening sniffs pick up nearly prickly and yet pleasingly spirity aromas of oak resin, sawdust, and pine; the aggressive aroma doesn’t lose any steam after another seven minutes of air contact and swirling, remaining potent and spirity. Entry takes my breath away as the rollicking aspects of the aroma suddenly calm down into a sophisticated and caramel-sweet opening taste experience that’s oily, spiced, and remarkably fruity (raisins, dates); midpalate taste profile jumps off the radar screen as the multilayered flavor dives deeply into bakery shop tastes (prune Danish, raspberry-filled cookie, strawberry ... oh, man, this one is ripe and bountiful) as well as nutty and woody (maple syrup). Finishes semisweet and honeyed, rich but vibrant, and not the least fat or clunky, and simply divinely delicious.

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