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Inga MY Family Amaro

/ML 750
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Lorenzo Inga Selection MY Amaro Premium Herbal Liquer. 30% ABV. Definitely a sweeter style amaro. MY AMARO is a musical-sounding name for a very harmonious and velvety digestive, made from a perfect blend of more than 30 herbs, roots and barks.


The Inga's family's spirits and liqueurs talk about an uninterrupted saga that began in Noto, Sicily way back in 1832 and flourished in Piedmont from the early twentieth century.

They tell the story of that old passion for the art of distillation, passed down through five generations, all of wich were won over by that seasonal ritual of the wait that precedes the triumph of flavour, of perfumes, of harmony.

Since 1832, the family have won many awards and received many honours, including first prize at the National Expo in Turin (1898) and the "Best Buy" in the World Spirits Championship (Wine Enthusiast Magazine).

Drink MY AMARO straight to get the most out of its digestive properties and on the rocks as an aperitif; pour MY AMARO over vanilla ice-cream or add a dash to your espresso.

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