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Left Hand St. Vrain Tripel Ale

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Origin: Colorado
Primary Varietal: Belgian Strong Dark
In honor of the mighty St. Vrain River that lies due west of the brewery, we’ve named our latest release in our limited edition "Big Mo" series St. Vrain Tripel. The St. Vrain River originates in Rocky Mountain National Park, and flows through Longmont on its way east. Named after Ceran St. Vrain, an early settler of the valley who helped establish the first permanent trading post by white men in what is now Colorado. A reflection of this pioneering spirit can also be found in the ales of Belgium, where brewers, often monks, developed beers of distinctive character over the past 900 years. Simply admiring our hazy golden Belgian-style Tripel in your wide-rimmed glass doesn’t even begin to reveal its complexity. The spicy aroma that streams upward with hints of wild flower honey and orange blossom is your first clue of the depth of St. Vrain Tripel. The sweetness from the malt makes itself known immediately, progressing to bittersweet honey and dried fruit flavors, and finishing out with the lingering earthiness from the Styrian Golding hops. The warming effect of the 9% ABV is your final indication that the initial simplicity masks St. Vrain’s beautiful intricacy.

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