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Lindemans Kriek Lambic 750ml

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Origin: Belgium
Primary Varietal: Lambic/Fruit
Lindemans Kriek is made by adding fresh black cherries to a barrel lambic aged 6 months. The addition of fruits starts a new fermentation in the oak barrels. After another 8 to 12 months, the Kriek Lambic is ready for filtration and bottling. Residual sugar is adjusted with fruit juice, which begins a second fermentation in the bottle. The traditional type of fruit beer is more acidic and less fruity. To control this and add back some fruit character, Lindemans developed a unique natural method using pure cherry juice from unfrozen cherries. This straight cherry juice is blended with select lambics of different ages to produce the final product. Kriek has a pink-red color and a delicious taste of sparkling cherry champagne.

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