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Linie Aquavit


Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price: $26.99

/ML 750
Quantity Available: 26
Origin: Norway
Primary Varietal: Brandy
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One of the Finest Aquavit available. Jorgen B. Lysholm secret family recipe was a mystery for nearly 200 years. Linie is a potato based spirits distilled with multiple botanicals somewhat like gin. Carraway is the most important flavor in aquavit, but Linie also uses dill, anise seed, sweet fennel and coriander. The raw distillate is aged for in used oloroso casks. These are further matured on the decks of cargo ships to mimick the traditional process of maturation. Linie Aquavit takes a nearly 5 month journey around the world crossing the equator twice. During this ocean voyage, multiple changes in temperature and humidity, constant movement and salty sea air serves to further mellow the spirit. A further 12-14 month of maturation in barrel and its ready to drink! Each bottle is labeled with details of its voyage and the name of the ship where it was stored.

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