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Tears of Llorona Extra Anejo Tequila 375ML

/ML 375
Quantity Available: 8
Origin: Mexico
Primary Varietal: Tequila
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The ultra rare stocks that go into the exquisite Tears of Llorona come from Master Tequilero German Gonzalez's personal stocks. Distilled from hand selected Pinas at La Tequilana, Tears is aged for at least 4.5 years and is supposedly "double barrelled." Gonzalez uses his own proprietary yeast strain to ferment the agave and it is distilled in copper pots, unlike some of Tequilanas other tequilas which go through column stills. Each cask is hand selected and blended in ultra small batches. While I tend to lean away from older tequila (because I don't care what anyone says, it often doesn't taste very good), this is the perfect example of how over-aged agave spirit can be done right. The higher proof keeps it structured and the powerful agave flavors balance the rich oak and spice perfectly. Clearly, this is the work of a true master.

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