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LTD Brewing Sleep Walker Triple IPA

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Origin: Minnesota
Primary Varietal: IPA
  • Local
A beer so big, so bold, so dream-inducing, we only dare brew it once a year. It's an absolute monster at 11.5%, and is sure to leave you walking around in a daze asking: What--Was--That? Cause it was amazing! And I want another.

This is as balanced as a triple IPA can get. Expect some sweetness from Golden Promise, light and ark crystal malts, and izolbs of local basswood honey. But don't worry. This is a hop monster, ready to smash you with passion fruit, citrus, pine and spicy floral. Like the secrets in your closet, the alcohol is there, but nicely hidden. Drink it now, seriously. Like as soon as you're home. Aging is not kind to all those hops.

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