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Mandarine Napoleon

/ML 750
Quantity Available: 3
Origin: Belgium
Primary Varietal: Liqueur - Cordial
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The first recipe for Mandarine Napoleon was created by Antoine-Francois de Fourcroy, Napoleon Bonaparte's doctor and the count of his empire. He had the idea to soak mandarin oranges in alcohol and mix the distillate with cognac, and the resulting beverage soon became one of Napoleon's favorites. The official recipe for Mandarine Napoleon was created in 1892 - mandarin orange peels from Andalusia, Sicily and Corsica were steeped in quality cognac, along with a secret blend of aromatic herbs and spices. This mixture was then matured in order to give the liqueur an even richer taste. Enjoy straight over ice, mixed with tonic, or as a key ingredient in a variety of cocktails.

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