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  • Timothy Gilligan
    This is my favorite gin, particularly for mixing. It makes an outstanding martini and is the best gin for an Aviation; it stands up to and balances out the other flavors perfectly. Also ideal for a Corpse Reviver 2 or negroni, even if the choice of gin is less critical in those two cocktails. I like the Westbourne strength (90 proof) Martin Miller a lot more than his 80 proof offering. (Posted on 11/12/15)
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Martin Miller Gin Westbourne Strength

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Origin: England
Primary Varietal: Gin
  • 92
Miller's Gin is handcrafted and made in very small batches. It is then transported by ship to Iceland. Here, in the small village of Borgarnes, on Iceland's remote west coast, lies the selyri spring, source of some of the purest water to be found on earth. This spring water is blended with the spirit to create a marriage of softness and clarity of taste.

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