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Midnight Moon Moonshine

/ML 750
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Origin: North Carolina
Primary Varietal: Whisky - White
Appearance: Clear, sparkling look to it, thin even coat to the glass, long legs forming quickly, then some droplets.

First Impression: Sweetish corn, with some malted barley and some complexity to the nose. Clean, slightly plump nose to it and a slightly fatty body giving it a nice roundness.

Taste: Smooth, a touch sweet,and a little aromatic/spirity. Slightly nutty, vanilla, buttery/fatty tastes to it with a drying, stony fade to it. Smooth and charming.

Drinks: Trade out your vodka with this for any drink calling for vodka. Infinitely better than most vodkas out there with a slightly sweet taste and nice rubenesque body to it. Would also be wonderful for infusions for all the above reasons.

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