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Noah's Mill Bourbon


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Special Price: $46.99

/ML 750
Quantity Available: 14
Origin: Kentucky
Primary Varietal: Whisky - Bourbon
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The nose is full of toffee, dark roasted coffee, vanilla taffy, banana, raisins, and the rustic tang of corn mash. Strong wood spice notes and toasted wood are also present. The palate encompasses dark dried fruits, cocoa, marmalade, berry syrup, toffee, vanilla and roasted nuts which makes for a varied (and at times cluttered) flavor profile. There’s some spry youth as well. With a bit of water the spicier, earthier, and floral wood flavors are more pronounced. The finish is lengthy as you would expect from such a high proofed whiskey. Well spiced, big warmth, and littered with charred oak bitterness.

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