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Nonino Grappa Il Moscato


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/ML 750
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Origin: Italy
Primary Varietal: Brandy
Grappa is the most ancient and traditional distillate of Northern Italy, obtained by distilling the solid parts of grape pomace. Monovitigno means one varietal. This grappa is therefore obtained from 100% Moscato grapes, carefully selected, harvested, fermented and distilled. Fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks. Distillation is discontinuous with both head and tail cut off, performed in steam stills created by Nonino. Distillation is very slow to allow a correct evaporation and consequent condensation of the volatile components, which are responsible for the olfactory characteristics of the grappa. The nose is elegant and aromatic with the perfume of roses, thyme and vanilla. The palate is soft with a lovely finish.

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