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Sam Adams Rebel Raw Double IPA 4pk Cans

/PK 04
Quantity Available: 0
Origin: Massachussetts
Primary Varietal: IPA

Rebel Raw has a 35-day shelf life – our shortest shelf life to date. If you find it, drink it immediately! Hops lose their flavor and aromatic character over time and we want IPA fans to enjoy this DIPA as fresh as possible in order to really experience its wide range of hop flavors and aromas.


We brewed Rebel Raw with 7 lbs. of hops per barrel to create a huge hop character bursting with citrus, floral, spice, and resinous pine notes. Imagine burying your nose in a pile of fresh hop cones – that’s what you’ll experience when you drink Rebel Raw.

To me, hops are really the soul of this beer and each hop was specifically for its flavor and aroma, including:

Polaris (kettle): Fruity and intensely floral with notes of fresh mint
Galaxy (kettle): Citrusy, spicy and herbal with hints of green fruit and red berries
Amarillo (kettle): Orange, grapefruit and tangerine notes with slight fruit sweetness
Zeus (kettle): Earthy and spicy with hints of citrus
Centennial (dry-hopping): Medium citrus, intensely floral with hints of wood
Cascade (dry-hopping): Floral, spicy citrus and grapefruit with hints of red berries
Simcoe (dry-hopping): Intense pine, with aromas of passionfruit and apricot

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