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Samaroli Evolution Pure Malt

/ML 750
Quantity Available: 0, OUT OF STOCK
Origin: Scotland
Primary Varietal: Whisky - Scotch Blend
Well, this is an outrageous one from the preeminent Italian bottler, Samaroli. The Evolution 2011 is a vatting of incredibly old single malt from Scotland's artisan distilleries chosen exclusively for their traditional production methods. The blend of single malts is allowed to mellow harmoniously over the years, and with each bottling new malts are added. The oldest whisky in the vatting clocks in well over 40 years old, and it includes many of Scotland's hardest to find malts. This is truly a special whisky representing a style no longer being produced by most blenders. While each is only represented in small portions, the single malts within this vatting are unprecedented in their rarity. The blend includes: '57 Mortlach, '59, '62, '65 Springbank, '64 Bruichladdich, '67 Laphroaig Sherry, '68, '71 Glenlivet Sherry, '70 Laphroaig, '71 Glen Garioch Sherry, '73 Longrow, '74 Longrow Sherry, '74 Ardbeg, '75 Glen Garioch, '76 Ardbeg, '77 Ardmore, '77 Caol Ils, '78 Talisker Sherry, '79 Springbank Sherry, '79 Glen Grant Sherry, '80 Highland Park Sherry, '81 Port Ellen, '84 Highland Park, '85 Springbank Sherry, '87 Longrow, '88 Lagavulin and '89 Bowmore.

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