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This basket is meant to be loved by many. It features our best homemade sweets and salty snacks, as well as soft and irresistible licorice from New Zealand, buttery cashew brittle, and addictive added-value almonds. Send this gift to a co-worker and you’re sure to be invited to dig in.

· 4-pack House-Made Valrhona Brownies
· Dozen House-Made Ginger Snaps
· Dozen House-Made Chocolate
Chip Cookies
· House-Roasted Rosemary Nuts
· East Shore Dipping Pretzels
· RJ's Licorice
· Barsy's Smokies Almonds
· Hidden Ridge Cashew Crunch Brittle
· Fat Toad Goat’s Milk Caramel
· Nueske’s Landjaeger Smoked Sausages

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