Arbeiter Hefeweizen 750ml Crowler


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It’s officially summer, our Hefeweizen is on tap! Sorry, we can’t allow you to put your head under the tap and let you drift off into Hefe bliss but you can order a couple while soaking in the sun on our patio.

This is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer brewed with a unique and characteristic yeast strain that imparts phenolics of clove, banana, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Hefeweizen directly translated from German to English is “yeast wheat”. Stylistically, hefeweizens carry a considerable amount of yeast in suspension – this contributes to the flavor profile as well as the body of the beer, and is really simply a defining characteristic of the style! So do not be surprised if you see a faint coating on the walls of the tall glassware and even a thin layer of yeast at the bottom of the glass. If you can think of it, please encourage guests to purchase crowlers to gently roll or otherwise rouse the yeast off the bottom of the can back up into suspension before opening.

Distinct and classic weissbier aroma full of clove, banana, and vanilla notes.

Welcoming notes of vanilla and subtle banana sweetness perfectly balanced by a rich and smooth clove spiciness.