De Dolle Arabier Golden Strong Ale 11.2oz


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Arabier is a unique beer brewed from pure malt and Poperinges hops. It’s brewed and then dry hopped (aged with fresh hops in the maturation tank). It’s hard to put a definitive style on most of De Dolle’s beers, but this one is perhaps closest to a Belgian Pale Ale. The light bready malts and fresh, citrusy hops will attest to that, it’s only the earthy and slightly sour flavors that follow that will change your mind.

This is a beer that will age in a very interesting way. As the beer ages, the hops fade away, but the complex yeast character will become more dry and more prominent. Look out for the big, meringue like head this beer produces, Kris of De Dolle believes that carbonation is what makes beer what it is, and he provides a spritzy, cleansing carbonation to prove it. 7.8% ABV.