Baghaven Gift from Demeter Blend 3 750ml

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Chardonnay Barrel Fermented Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale. Blend 3. Aged 12 Months.

Named for the ancient Greek goddess of the harvest, Gift from Demeter is our celebration of the essential and often overlooked, ways in which grains build the backbone and define the character of a beer.

Blend 3 is the newest vintage of this classic Baghaven Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale. This time we used organic Danish barley malt enhanced with both raw and malted organic spelt to create a light body, airy mouthfeel and strong head retention. Hops from France, Slovenia and Poland contribute pronounced yet balanced hop flavours and aromas.

After brewing, we left the beer to age in oak Chardonnay barrels for a whole year before packaging it in 75cL olive Champagne bottles. Gift from Demeter Blend 3 is full of soft acidity, lemon notes, hop character and Baghaven’s signature fermentation profile, making it your perfect go-to beer for every season and occasion. 7.6% ABV.

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