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Tallgrass Top Rope IPA 4pk Cans


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/PK 04
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Origin: Kansas
Primary Varietal: IPA
Who had better face paint — The Ultimate Warrior, or Sting? What’s the best Ric Flair quip of all time? Which pro wrestler had the most iconic submission move?

When we weren’t experimenting with hop combinations and tasting test batches, we asked ourselves these important questions while developing Top Rope, our new IPA that pays homage to the colorful, character-filled world of 1980s and 1990s professional wrestling.

Well, let me tell you somethin’, brother, this beer’s got hops! Like a high-flying elbow drop from the turnbuckle to deliver a finishing move, Top Rope IPA combines power and finesse, with strong hop punch and a dry finish. Top Rope is an IPA that’ll call you back into the ring for multiple rematches.

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