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Top Note Bitter Lemon Tonic


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Our version of Bitter Lemon is a drier, more mature version of the classic mixer inspired by the Italian soda Limonata. Our commitment to whole ingredients comes through with a natural bitterness provided by cinchona bark and gentian and topped with a piquant tartness from lemon juice and peel. It makes a great alternative to lemonade with a fraction of the sugar.

Bitter lemon is an excellent mixer due to the presence of the 5% lemon juice and natural cinchona bark presenting quinine bitterness. This balance takes on the fruitiness of vermouth, or wines, fruit based liquors, and neutral spirits such as vodka. A classic mix is Gin Bitter Lemon. Sloe gin and club soda is an excellent addition for a rendition of a sloe gin fizz. Other interesting mixes include layering a bitter aperitif spirit and vermouth.

(For every 1 part Top Note Tonic, 5 parts liquor or soda)

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