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Top Note Gentian Lime Tonic


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Top Note Gentian Tonic is a distinct departure from common quinine tonics because it contains no quinine. Our tonic differentiates itself with gentian bittering, and subtle flavors of lime and ginger. A very tasty tonic on its own, it also pairs very well with high quality clear spirits, and does not overpower their great flavors. Gentian Tonic mixes with clean flavored or malty, earthy flavored spirits, as well as botanical gins. Tequila and Top Note Gentian Tonic is a pleasantly surprising refresher. Because of the spices, any fruity or estery liqueur enhances a drink made with Top Note Tonic. Gin and elderflower liqueur is especially tasteful. Gentian Tonic as a stand-alone tonic or in a mixed drink pairs nicely with shellfish and seafood, as the bright and refreshing qualities do not interfere with the subtlety of seafood.

(For every 1 part Top Note Tonic, 5 parts soda water)

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