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Top Note Ginger Beer


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We created our ginger beer concentrate to be deep in color and ginger flavor, and low in sugar compared to other brands. Belgian sugar, made from dried plums, creates the amber color of this concentrate. Only 1 oz is needed with your sparkling water to lighten or add freshness to any ginger beer recipe. Add 2 ozs in a drink for extra zip and refreshment.

Finding a balanced, not overly sweet ginger beer is a quest these days. We created ours to be lower in sugar, and dark from brewer’s candi-syrup (sugar from beets and dried plums). We put over ¼ lb of fresh ginger in every gallon of the concentrate, thus a real fresh ginger aroma and flavor is apparent. Our ginger beer is made for mixing, or drinking as a light and refreshing ginger infused soft beverage.

(For every 1 part Top Note Tonic, 5 parts liquor or soda)

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