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Underberg Digestif Bitters

/PK 30
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Origin: Germany
Primary Varietal: Liqueur - Digestif
Underberg Natural Herbal Bitters are a wonderful thing. They aid digestion, make your drink taste better, and can even be used in cooking.
By sourcing the finest aromatic herbs from 43 countries around the globe, Underberg is able to create a singular taste sensation. You’ll note hints of anise, clover, ginger, cinnamon, and many other potent botanicals.
For digestive benefits after a large meal, each bottle in this three-pack is meant to be used as a single serving. If you’d rather use Underberg bitters behind the bar or in the kitchen, you don’t need more than a dash or two to get the job done.
Underberg has been soothing the overstuffed bellies of Europeans since 1846. And as they say, it cannot be explained…it must be experienced!

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