Store your wine with us!

Store your wine with us!
Don't let lack of space keep you from great wine. France 44 offers temperature- and humidity-controlled wine storage units for rent on a month-to-month basis.


Whatever you're interested in storing just a case or two or wish stock up for the years ahead, we've got space to suit your needs. Check out the details below, or feel free to print a copy of our rental agreement from this page. Simply fill it out, bring it by our shop, and we'll get started!
Please contact Adam if you have any questions:
How big are the lockers? How much do they cost?
Small: Stores 12 cases / $33.99 a month + tax 
Medium: Stores 18 cases / $44.99 a month + tax 
Large: Stores 36 cases / $84.99 a month + tax 
Small Bay: Stores 80 cases / $179.99 a month + tax 

Large Bay: Stores 120 cases / $239.99 a month + tax 

How long can I rent a wine locker?

As long as you wish! Our lease is month-to-month.

How can I access my locker?

You may access your locker at any time during our regular business hours by talking to one of our staff. France 44 will also ship your stored wine if you'd like, for $5 a case plus shipping costs.

How secure is my locker?

We'll supply you with a padlock for a $20 deposit. Our storage facility is located in a secured area of our store only accessible by employees.

What other services do you provide?

We're happy to help you move, consolidate, research or inventory the contents of your locker for $50 an hour.

What's the fine print?

Locker capacities are based on a standard 12-bottle US cardboard case. The capacity and price per case shown here are for convenience only. There is no guarantee of capacity. Lockers are leased as-is. Any shelving or other modifications must be approved in advance by France 44.



Please contact Adam if you have any questions:

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