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Zlatan Plavac 2011


Regular Price: $23.99

Special Price: $21.99

/ML 750
Quantity Available: 10
Origin: Croatia
Primary Varietal: Other Reds
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One of Croatia’s best examples of Dalmatian coastal southern red wine, it is a little less bitter than your average classic Plavac at this price point, with it being completely dry with low residual unfermented sugar. The color is purple-burgundy with blue reflections, and the delightful aroma is unaccented, restrained, and discreet so it ends up being pleasant to all connoisseurs of good red wine. Its freshness and medium-body aroma gives the Zlatan Plavac Šibenik distinct aromas of the Plavac Mali varietal, most of which are darker cherry and raspberry fruits, currants, herbs, laced with the structure of the easily recognizable fine tannins and earthiness that are ever-so-present in Plavac Mali wines.

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