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Zwack Slivovitz

/ML 750
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Origin: Hungary
The character of Zwack Kosher Slivovitz, an extra-fine plum brandy, includes a stronger suggestion of the wood aroma and a mature golden-yellow color, resulting from 3 years of aging in oak casks. The process includes the selection of the fruits, their careful washing and fermentation, the expert distillation of the mature mash, and the aging and bottling of the brandy – all are supervised by a representative of the Rabbinate. After several years of aging and strict adherence to the prescriptions of technology and hygiene, the end result is the noble Zwack 3-year-old Kosher Slivovitz, which is of remarkably high quality. It is only with the permission of the religious supervisor that the seal of the religious community, bearing witness to exemption from all material and ideal impurity, can be placed on the bottle. Its uniquely shaped and labeled bottle is visible in more and more places. Irrespective of any religious affiliations, it is continuously gaining popularity. It is approved for Passover, and labeled accordingly.

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