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Return of the Bruery

A distinguished, quality-focused Orange County craft-brewer navigates the shifting seas of the modern beer world while staying true to its roots.

The Bruery—the Belgian-minded experimental brewery hailing from Orange County, California—has gained much notoriety over the last decade amongst beer fans for their barrel-aged sours and abbey-style beers packaged in 750mL Pinot Noir-style bottles. Founded by avid-homebrewer/nearly-lawyer Patrick Rue, The Bruery has focused on creating “distinct, imaginative, genre-tilting” beers for the beer connoisseur who acknowledges that top-quality may come with a price. And they’ve found success in this niche. Their top-tier barrel-aged offerings frequently tip the scales at well over $20 a bottle, a premium price for any brewery, but you can be assured that this beer walks the walk.

Despite this success, there is a talk we must talk—times are changing, especially in the beer business. A brimming count of operating breweries in the US and a shift in consumer preference for more accessible, smaller (typically canned) packaging formats have altered the map, and subsequently the path to long-term, sustainable success. A frequent topic of conversation in the beer business is that large format sales are on the decline. We all want to try the latest new beer, but it’s often hard to commit to a larger volume. As a consumer, you have likely ruminated over these decisions. So what’s an established brewery to do?

Not to be deterred by the choppy seas of this modern beer world, The Bruery has answered our calls, “Bring us canned beer!” This week we are excited to offer the first four beers sold by The Bruery in can format. Now is the perfect time to rediscover the quality brews that make the The Bruery so good at what they do.

The Bruery Wit The Funk Foeder-Aged Tart Wheat Ale 4pk Cans—$14.99/4pk Cans

A classic witbier brewed with coriander and orange peel then fermented with a mixed culture. Aged in American and French oak for delicate complexity. Spicy, fruity and a touch tart.

The Bruery Or Xata Spiced Blonde Ale 4pk Cans—$14.99/4pk Cans

You could probably guess what this one tastes like—horchata! This blonde ale features all the best qualities of its Latin American inspiration. Silky sweet rice notes, cinnamon, vanilla bean and creamy lactose sugar meld to create a way too delicious blonde ale.

The Bruery Mischief Hoppy Belgian-Style Ale 4pk Cans—$14.99/4pk Cans

A 2016 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner. Bright aromas of citrusy resin from abundant hopping coupled with fruity melon, pear and peppery spice qualities from the Belgian yeast. Mischief is crisply effervescent, with a dry, slightly bitter finish.

The Bruery Bakery Banana Bread Imperial Stout—$7.99/16oz Can This barrel-aged imperial stout is warmly aromatic from the addition of bananas, walnuts and natural spices. Full, rich and unctuous with that deliciously nutty, banana bread sweetness