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Backyard Beers

We talk a lot about the weather here in Minnesota, it’s a go-to icebreaker that frequently segues into another Midwestern topic like the goin’ up nort’, fishing on da boat, or those darn mosquitos. And I just have to say, “It sure is a hot one, eh?” The beer staff have been taking refuge in the walk-in cooler where the temperature is cold but the atmosphere is warm and cozy. Approaching what looks to be a real steamy 4th of July weekend, we hope you and yours can find a nice comfy spot to hang out and crack a few crispy cold ones by the grill. Our local breweries have you covered with some of the finest summery brews to keep you refreshed over the holiday. Have a happy and safe-distanced 4th everyone.

ABLE OL’ TRUSTY LIGHT BEER — $12.99/12pk | “A light beer for drinking” accurately sums up the character of this 12 pack of liquid pounders, which comes equipped with a nice sturdy handle for lugging refreshment to the backyard, beach, boat, or wherever vacation takes you (socially distanced of course). Smooth and easy 100% malt base with a hint of hop fruitiness.

FAIR STATE / MODERN TIMES CRANKIN’ FOAMERS LAGER — $15.99/12pk | The brainchild of Minneapolis’ own Fair State Brewing Cooperative and San Diego’s Modern Times Beer. This “Slammin’ Lager” goes down easy like a macro beer but with more developed malt character and a prickly, quenching hop bitterness.

BLACK STACK FUGAZI ITALIAN-STYLE PILSNER — $8.99/4pk | Black Stack has gathered a wide following for their weekly drops of hazy IPAs and double IPAs, but this brewery has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. This Italian-style Pilsner—a relative of the German-style Pilsner—is refreshingly dry with a bright, hoppy finish from all Czech Kazbek dry-hopping.

SURLY HEAT SLAYER KÖLSCH-STYLE ALE — $8.99/6pk | The name says it all. Heat Slayer slices through the stickiness of Minnesota’s summers with ease. A style of beer native to Köln, Germany, Kölsch beer is a hybridized style—top-fermented with ale yeast then cold-conditioned like a lager. Heat Slayer has a well-attenuated bright bubble and clean, easy finish.