Free weekend wine, beer, and spirits tastings

Our weekend tastings bring together everything we love – our neighbors and community, yummy things to sample, and our furry dog friends! We have three tasting bars – one for wine, another for spirits and a third one for beer. We personally select what we sample each weekend and serve our products in real glassware.

Wine Tastings

Friday 4-7pm & Saturday 1-6pm

  • Domaine Le Pouy – France
  • Le Rame Bordeaux Blanc – France
  • Tete Blanche – France
  • Oberto Nascetta  – Italy
  • GrosJean Gamay – Italy
  • Richel Mondeuse – France
  • Oberto Dolcetto – Italy
  • Moraza Tempranillo – Spain

Beer Tastings

Friday 4-7pm

Modist Brewing

We have Modist Brewing back at the tasting bar for you.  We’ve been super excited about this Minneapolis brewery from the get-go and they haven’t let us down.  As-a-matter-of-fact, they keep on getting better and better with all cool Willy Wonka beer making gadgets they have inside the brewery.

Come by and have them pour you a sample.

Saturday 3-6pm

Lupulin Brewing

We have the gang from Lupulin coming in this Saturday for another great local tasting. Lupulin has carved out an important spot in our store as a major player in the local beer scene.   We don’t doubt 2020 will be any different.

Come in and try these great, locally made beers.

Spirit Tastings

Friday 4-7pm

Lost Superior

This Friday from 4-7 Lost Superior Old Fashioned is making its debut on the bar! A ready to pour old fashioned made with Minnesota oak aged bourbon and buckwheat honey, its the perfect winter warmer. Come try it Friday!

Saturday 3-6pm

Rhine Hall Distillery & Ida Graves Distillery

The great Jon Olson will be showcasing two brand new distilleries on our bar Saturday from 3-6, Rhine Hall out of Chicago and Ida Graves out of Alexandria, Minnesota. Rhine Hall makes a terrific Argentine-influenced Fernet and german Apple Pommeau, while our friends at Ida graves have a rosemary inspired gin and a cumin-forward Aquavit. Extremely Minnesotan. Come find a new favorite Saturday!