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Blondes Have More Fun

Blonde Ales, that is! Frequently found as a flagship offering of newly-hatched brewery start-ups or brewpubs, blonde ales are often overlooked by the serious craft beer drinker. At worst, they are a middling, homogenized quaff-er meant for thoughtless consumption. At best, they can be enticing sunny-day quenchers that shine in subtlety. Spring may be dragging its feet this year, but our beer coolers are brimming with freshly-brewed blonde ales just yearning for your loving embrace! Take a look at some of our France 44 favorites below:


Bent Paddle Paddle Break Blonde Ale – $10.49/6pk

This Belgian-Style beauty perfects the balance of quenching yeast-y citrus tang and a clean getaway. Mix up your weekly routine with a paddle break!

Able Concentric Circles Rye Blonde Ale – $9.49/4pk

A delightfully crisp Rye Blonde Ale from our neighbors to the Northeast. Concentric Circles is brewed with the aid of Minnesota-grown rye from Far North Spirits in Hallock, MN. The rye is malted in-house at Able. The results? Impeccable.

Summit Lazy Sipper Strawberry Blonde Ale – $14.99/12pk

Originally brewed for the Great Minnesota Get-Together. This refreshing blonde ale utilizes all Minnesota ingredients: Rahr malt, Mighty Axe hops (Cascade and Crystal), and fresh strawberries from the U of M. Toasty, graham cracker malt with hints of green tea, lemon, and strawberry. Time for a sip!


Lift Bridge Mango Blonde Ale – $8.99/4pk

Summer is coming! Right? Breezy tropical aromas of fresh mangos. Subtle fruity sweetness on the palate finishes semi-dry, making for an easy afternoon companion.

Ommegang Gnomegeddon Blonde Ale – $14.99/750ml

Ommegang took their dangerously drinkable Gnomegang Blonde Ale and turned it up to 11. Primary fermentation is carried out by Chouffe yeast, followed by a secondary fermentation in the bottle with Brettanomyces. The luxurious, candied base beer develops complex barnyard funk with age. Drink it now or save it for later!

Funkwerks Luminoso Sour Blonde Ale – $16.99/750ml

A sour blonde that was aged in a variety of barrels, before being blended with a fresh, young kettle sour. Brett, lactobacillus, and other microbiological critters contribute zingy tartness and underlying earthy funk. It pairs well with bright ideas.