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Cider Week!

It’s Cider Week here in Minnesota! Cider Week is sponsored by the MN Cider Guild and is celebrated through hard cider related tastings, dinner pairings, and other special events to highlight the cider being produced in our state. Minnesota happens to be one of the fastest growing hard cider producers in the country. Here at France 44, we have one of the largest selections of these great ciders. In fact, we have over 100 ciders from around the world to offer!

In honor of Cider Week, we encourage you to try your own cider tasting. The best glasses to serve cider in are white wine glasses, beer goblets, or tulip glasses. Six to ten ounce pours are typical for cider servings.

Here are several suggestions of MN ciders with a few tasting notes to include on your menu:

Thor’s: Dry – the newest MN cidery gives us a clean, dry cider that has characteristics of champagne

No. 12 Cider House Black Currant Dry Cider 750ml

No. 12 Cider House: Black Currant Dry – dry cider with a hint of black currant that takes the cider to a new level without making it sweet

Milk & Honey: Rose – as with wine, Rose is a popular style of cider these days. This one is a pink, semi-dry cider with hibiscus, rose hips, and orange peel that is easy to drink and pretty to look at

loon juice

Loon Juice: Honeycrisp – a bright, refreshing semi-sweet cider that is a good way into local cider



Sociable Ciderwerks: Road Rash – a twist on a classic shandy using cider and lemons

MN Harvest: Cranberry Tart – cider pressed with cranberries gives this cider its true-to-name tartness


Sweetland Orchards: Cherry & Rhubarb Scrumpy – a perfect balance of cherries, rhubarb, and apples make this cider easy to drink and unlike anything else you will try

Keepsake: Wild – this cider is made using natural yeast fermentation the way that cider was originally made giving it a unique, funky flavor profile

Yellow Belly: Ginger – this is a well-balanced ginger cider that doesn’t over power you with ginger, but you know it is there

With the large variety of styles, we can help find a cider for almost any palette.