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Exclusive Birthday Brews

Sometimes it can be hard to talk about your birthday. It means you are getting old(er). You think to yourself, “I want to go back to the time when I could ride my tricycle with reckless abandon down the block”,  “Is it still weird to jump into a random pile of leaves as an adult?” “Can I wear footie-pajamas to work?”.

However, getting older also has many perks.  You are (hopefully) more responsible and put-together.  You have built long term friendships and connections. You have learned from mistakes and grown from them.  You can even buy yourself pizza any night of the week that you want. You have lived!

At France 44 we are embracing our birthday; and like George Clooney, we are proud of our Silver-Fox look.  This weekend we are celebrating our past and looking forward to our future. As the most interesting man in the world would put it:  “We don’t always celebrate our birthday, but when we do – we celebrate big!”. Not only will there be food, live music, and dogs in costumes; we will also be releasing two exclusive brews that we made in collaboration with Modist Brewing and Sociable Cider works.  Please join us for our 60th anniversary as we celebrate stepping into another year. We know that the best is yet to come!

Modist/France 44 Silver Fox DDH New England-Style IPA

For an anniversary as big as this, we’re celebrating the best way we know how, by brewing a hazy IPA! With help from our friends at Modist, we brewed a New England-style IPA with 70% pilsner malt and 30% white wheat malt then hopped it up with cryo Citra, Mosaic and Cashmere hops. It’s bursting with juicy tropical fruit character and packs enough bitterness to keep everything in balance.

Sociable Cider Werks/France 44 Vélo 44 Passionfruit Guava Hard Cider

Sociable made our jaws drop when we first tried their limited batch of Passionfruit Freewheeler hard cider. We decided to up the ante by adding Bennett’s favorite fruit infusion, guava! The classic Freewheeler blend of Haralson, Honeycrisp and SweeTango juice makes up the base of our cider that we then spiked with passionfruit and guava purée. Fermented dry, this tropical apple graf has vibrant aromas and tantalizing tartness.